Sterndog Kennels Training

We believe that 80% of having a great bird dog is blood lines. The other 20% is you bringing out that potential. Sometimes it is very difficult to find the time and the help to do that. At Sterndog Kennels, we have a limited availability to take your companion and help develop them into a dog you can be proud of in the field.


 One of our students 2013 N.S.T.R.A. National
Quail Invitational third Runner Up "Tread Tracker"


Another Sterndog Kennels student, Bean,. shown here with George and Geoff Sterner receiving the 2015 Quail Invitational award for First Runner Up.

All dogs will be trained using D.T. Systems products for training aids. They will have exposure to both Pigeons and Quail.

We believe that TONS of bird exposure to a young dog is very important to the development of the dog's bird drive. Your dog will be taught come, heel, WHOA, kennel, leave it, and quartering in a field. He/she are housed in our outdoor kennels while going through training.

 Please feel free to contact us for more in depth details to our process.