Sterndog Kennels Dams

Sterndog's Cedar Breaks Devils Lady Bird

Owner: Geoff Sterner

"Emma", has been a great producing female for our breeding program. This dog displays just the type of style that we are looking to breed into our future pups. She has a very kind and calm disposition and is very affectionate. She has foot hunter range, is a great natural retriever, and is very trainable.   When she is bred with a high energy, big running dog,  the perfect medium is produced which results in a field trial competitive dog that can also be transitioned into the house.

12X NSTRA Ch. Sterndog Norton's Salty Jeans Bean

Owner: Geoff Sterner

12X NSTRA Champion

2021 Trial of Champions fourth runner-up

2020 Lone Star High Point Dog Of The Year

2020 Lone Star Regional Elimination Champion

2019 Lone Star High Point Dog Of The Year

2018-2017 Purina Top Performance Award Winner in NSTRA

2018 UKC Performance Classic 3rd Runner Up

2018 Lone Star Regional Champion

2017 Lone star Regional final 5 finisher

2016 Lone Star Regional Champion

2015 Quail Invitation NSTRA National 1st Runner-Up

This is the winningest GWP in the history of NSTRA!

Bean is one of only three Wirehairs to make it to the final hour of a national. The only other two were her grandmother and Czech another dog in our kennel and related. This dog is excellently bred. She has amazing style and she is an absolute machine in a field. Not to mention an unbelievable companion.


Sterndog's Spanky is a Frozen Flyer

Owner: Jeff Oswood

 Spanky, is one of the best wild bird dogs we have owned. She also has placed multiple times in NSTRA.  She was produced by a frozen straw surgical breeding from Greg Dixon's Backwoods Flexible Flyer. This dog has produced dozens of national champions in the AKC circuit. Spanky has exceptional style.  She has a true 12 0'clock tail, superb retriever both on land and water, and an amazing nose.  


3X NSTR Ch. Sterndog Norton LJ's Salty Czech Mix Is Okk

Owner: George and Lisa Sterner

2020 UKC Performance Classic Third Runner-up

2020 Quail Forever Championship Second Runner-up

Florida 2018 Regional Third Runner Up

2017 QUAIL INVITATIONAL First Runner-up

One of the fastest GWP on the ground we have ever seen. One of only three GWPs to be in the final hour of an NSTRA national. (2017 Quail Invitational). Tw other final four appearances in national trials. This dogalways shows up for the big trial.. She will throw pups with proper furnishings and coat length Even though she has a slick coat. Czech is part of our program simply because she is an outright athlete!  She has a cannon nose & outstanding natural retrieving abilities. She is extremely fast, smart, steady, and athletic. She also has a great temperament making her a great all around dog. 

Sterndogs Ruby

Owner: Brad Bouldin

Ruby is a high powered and a high octane athlete. She has major run. Strong prey drive and lots of bottom. We are very excited to have her as part of our breeding program.

Sterndogs Backwoods Sterney

Owner: Geoff Sterner

"Sterney" is everything that we want in a GWP. Great disposition, big prey drive, and a great coat. She is grandsired by Backwoods Flexible Flyer. One of the top producing GWP in the history of the breed for producing first and second generation horseback champions.

Ghost Point's Sterndog Hazlenut

Owner: Geoff Sterner

"Hazle" has the style! We love this dog's tail set and her cobra high head when she sets up on point. She is ultra competitive and has a big motor. This dog has endless bottom. There is a real grit to her in the field. She brings a lot to the table when it comes to a breeding. She has emerged herself as one of our top guide dogs in our Texas string this year and we are very proud to have her. A 2nd generation Sterndog in the kennel.